For a revitalized skin.

LaVie Precieuse A.P.G.Line

LaVie Precieuse A.P.G.Line


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Nature; embracing all life without distinction.
In this vault of fantastic ingredients, we were searching for the answer for guiding women to a life of beauty.
Where are the necessary ingredients for the ideal skin-care? What is necessary for an accurate approach to aging skin? The answer we arrived at was the synergy of 3 nature-derived ingredients.
“La Vie Précieuse A.P.G. Line”,
The crystallization of nature’s gifts and cutting-edge science.
The answer to “for a revitalized skin” lies here.


La Vie Précieuse


Our answer was the "A.P.G. ClearLift Theory"

This new approach uses 3 nature-derived ingredients to deal
with easily visible aging skin signs around the eyes, mouth and cheeks.
By preparing the skin so that beauty components can easily permeate the surface it creates a double-retention structure that encases the moisture deep in the corneum.
Grants clear skin and tension care, guiding you to the ideal “revitalized skin”.

A.P.G ClearLift TheoryA.P.G ClearLift Theory

Figure of AP ceramide, proteoglycan, and glycyrrhizinate

AP ceramide

Keep all moisture in the skin

The corneum, which is filled with “AP ceramide”, safely encases the accumulated water within the skin. By thoroughly wrapping the skin in a veil of moisture, its freshness and youthfulness is preserved.


Permeates deep inside the skin* for a springy tension.

From the synergy of the high water-retaining “proteoglycan” and collagen, moisture seeps deep into the corneum. The double-retention together with the “AP ceramide” creates a foundation for a soft and youthful skin.
*To the corneum layer


Protects the skin’s surface giving it a shining luster.

The skin surface is delicate, easily damaged by outside factors such as UV light and dryness caused by air conditioning. “Glycyrrhizinate” supports the preservation of a healthy skin whilst mitigating various outside stress elements.


Unique cosmetic ingredients born from cutting-edge Bio-research.

“A.P.G. ClearLift Theory” brings out the skin’s maximum inherent potential, transforming it into the ideal skin. Essential to this are the nature-derived ingredients researched in collaboration with Hirosaki University. Striving for a union of cutting-edge science and beauty. The secret to the “La Vie Précieuse” New/Beauty Skin Theory lies here.

AP ceramide, proteoglycan, glycyrrhizinate

AP ceramide

AP ceramide

Apple-derived ceramide, discovered after many years of research at the Hokkaido Agriculture Research Center. "AP ceramide" is a unique ceramide obtained through component analysis at Hirosaki University using the company farm's apples. The ingredient permeates every part of the skin, enveloping the accumulated water giving your skin rich moisture and luster.




“Proteoglycan”, which before cost over 30 million JPY per 1 g, is a miracle ingredient finally usable in skin-care after an extraction method was established over 40 years after its discovery. Retains water 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid. Together with the skin’s “water bag”, the extraordinary moisture sustaining power of proteoglycan gives your skin a soft and youthful tension.




Glycyrrhizinate is extracted from the licorice root grown for over 2 years amid a harsh natural environment with arid summers and encasing winter snow. It softens the skin surface, making it easy for "proteoglycan" and "AP ceramide" to permeate the skin. This creates a “double-retention structure”, giving you firm texture and smooth, glamorous skin.



It all begins from a rendezvous with fascinating ingredients.

“Proteoglycan” extracted from salmon nose cartilage; “AP ceramide” from the company farm’s Aomori apples; and the revived domestic “Tsugaru licorice root” which had died out for over a century.
Our quest for the “ideal skin-care” began with searching for materials that contained outstanding beauty ingredients.

Aomori apples

Apple-derived ceramide

The Fruit of Beauty. The fortune of an apple farm and the discovery of “AP ceramide”

To make every woman beautiful. That blueprint made the meeting with fate more and more vivid. The ambassador of Aomori: Apples. During our skin-care research, we discovered high-quality ceramide within the apples. By sheer coincidence, CEO Miura had an apple farm that had been passed down through generations, and it was from there that the “AP ceramide” research began. Apple-derived ceramide, discovered after many years of research at the Hokkaido Agriculture Research Center. Miura, who realized that farm fruit can become material for cosmetics, threw himself into functional ingredient research together with an expert in apple components, Dr. Maeda of Hirosaki University. Taking his self-grown apples into the laboratory, they analyzed which ceramide structure form had the best affinity with skin.What they arrived at was the ideal ceramide, “AP ceramide”. Specific apple groves especially for ceramide extraction were created in our search for ingredients of even higher quality.

Salmon nose cartilage

The first drop. A fateful meeting with the tertiary biological component “proteoglycan”

Water-retention surpassing hyaluronic acid. The magical ingredient “proteoglycan” was discovered in the 1970s. Before, the extraction of “proteoglycan” was difficult, and its exceedingly high price made it unavailable for basic skin-care products. However, through sheer serendipity a way to mass refinement was found. At the time, the person central to the “proteoglycan” development research, Professor Takagaki Keiichi of Hirosaki University, visited a certain small restaurant. He had a breakthrough; discovering an effective extraction method from a local dish in Northern Japan, “Hizunamasu”, which features pickled salmon head cartilage From many years of research, it was revealed that the substructure of “proteoglycan” was contained in the nose cartilage of salmon. However, what made the vinegar-pickled salmon head cartilage soft was possibly due to the “proteoglycan” having dissolved in the vinegar. This realization was the gate to mass refinement. 40 years after its discovery the “drop of beauty” was finally within reach.

Tsugaru licorice root

Revived Sino-Japanese power. The revitalization of “Tsugaru licorice root”, grown in the weather conditions of the North.

Pursuing our ideal skin care, we came upon another fantastic ingredient: the “Tsugaru licorice root”. The licorice root has been treasured in China since ancient times as an ingredient and was also known in Japan as a health-promoting plant. But due to the advances of Western medicine, domestic cultivation stopped in the Meiji period. “La Vie Précieuse” wants to use top-quality, domestic licorice root. With our unyielding desire we strived towards the revival of the “Tsugaru licorice root” as a domestic licorice root through collaborative research with a vegetable crop science expert at Hirosaki University, Dr. Maeda The “Tsugaru licorice root” is unique to Tsugaru and cultivated in its harsh environment. Glycyrrhizinate is slowly accumulated in the root over a period of 2 years. “La Vie Précieuse” draws out the skin’s inherent beauty through timeless natural ingredients, paving the way “for a revitalized skin”.